5 Practical Tips When Searching for a Missing Dog

  Losing your precious dog can be a terrible experience. Just imagine arriving home after a long day of work, calling your pet’s name and then no one comes near you. You try to search your entire place but there are no signs of your pooch. Asking your neighbors also prove to be futile and so you start getting really worried about it.
  What should you do if you find yourself in such a difficult situation? Here are some helpful ideas.

Photo by Randy Laybourne on Unsplash

1. Search harder.
  Look around your entire household to make sure you haven’t simply missed your pet. Consider areas where your dog often hangs out. Does he love staying under the car or in the stock room? Try checking these places first before beginning to panic.
  Once you’re sure that your dog is really gone then it’s finally time to searching a little harder. As it is with missing people, the first 24 hours is the most crucial when it comes to finding a lost dog. Do not procrastinate. Remember that the longer you delay means your pet has more time to wander.

2. Monitor the phone and your home.
  Assuming that you have written your contact information on the dog’s collar, monitoring phone calls you may receive will be very much necessary. If you indicated your mobile phone number, then make sure you bring the cell phone with you during your search. Also, check if it has enough batteries and charge accordingly. If it’s your landline or simply your home address, leave someone at home to wait for a call or for someone to drop by.

3. Bring a picture with you.
  Carrying a picture of your missing pet is definitely a wise idea. This is so much better than merely describing his breed, size and color of his fur to potential witnesses. They will be able to tell you whether they’ve seen your dog or not as you show them an actual image. Be sure to leave your contact details with people you talk to so they can get in touch with you easier.

searching-for-a-missing-dog-92116994. Posters can be helpful.
  If necessary, make several posters and post them around your neighborhood. The poster should have your pet’s picture as well as your contact details. Be sure to indicate if you are offering any reward.

5. Use social media.
  The good news here is that you can take advantage of modern technology to be able to reach more people. Share the poster online to let others know you are looking for your beloved pet. You’ll be surprised at the response and help you can get.

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